Monitor Up



  • Uniquely designed training room table that has a retractable spring-loaded mechanism which raises and lowers the computer flat screen monitor. When not in use the mechanism is flush with the worksurface. When needed the mechanism raises the flat screen up with the simple push of a finger.
  • Available with a fixed mount or one that tilts towards the user.
  • Available fixed or mobile (mobile unit must use E leg).
  • Available as a single unit (36") for one User or a double unit for 2 Users (72").
  • Available with ā€œEā€ leg or ā€œCā€ leg.
  • Optional mechanism for heavier screens.
  • Cut out in Worksurface accommodates up to a 24" wide flat screen monitor. Larger cut-outs available; consult Factory.
  • Available in all 43 standard paint finishes and any WilsonArt laminate!


  • Tables are 24" or 30" deep with widths ranging from 30" to 72" in 6" increments.


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